Round 6 Wrap Up - PBs and almost 2 Records

Congratulations to Hannah Wilcock for breaking the U16G 400m Centre Record with a run of 1:01.11 at Round 6 on Saturday. Extra special mention to Brooklyn Towler who deserves the U14G 1500m Walk record for her 8:08.65 performance, however as we didn't have enough judges we can't make it official.  Sorry Brooklyn!

Well done to Madison Francis, Leo Boer, Michael Moran, Isabel Benn, Archie McDonald, Jaxon Sacris, Connor Watkins, Cecilia Tian, Ben Lorencak and Isabel Moran for achieving PBs in every event!

List of Athletes who achieved a significant number of PBs

Name Age Group PB Ratio
Madison Francis U6F 3/3
Leo Boer U6M 3/3
Michael Moran U6M 3/3
Isabel Benn U7F 3/3
Archie McDonald U7M 3/3
jaxon sacris U7M 3/3
Connor Watkins U10M 5/5
Cecilia Tian U11F 5/5
Benjamin Lorencak U12M 5/5
Isabelle Moran U8F 4/4
Neve Hoult U11F 4/5
Clementine Conlan U11F 4/5
Lucille Malcomson U11F 4/5
Tyson Beames U11M 4/5
Ben Winders U11M 4/5
Isabella Bertucci U13F 4/5
Archer Duke U13M 4/5
India Buchan U9F 4/5
Henry Gadsden U9M 4/5
Mackenzie Taylor U8F 3/4
Elodie Nickas U8F 3/4
Zarah Sustek U8F 3/4
Isla Donaldson U8F 3/4
Margot Dowdle U6F 2/3
Isla Shacklock U6F 2/3
Jemima Wood U7F 2/3
Ella Smith U7F 2/3
Amelia Bertucci U7F 2/3
Jacob Vidotto U7M 2/3


Go Mentone!